Regina Ellington

Pastor Chester, one of my spiritual mentors and dear, dear sweet friend.

When you meet someone under the notion of purchasing a one-time awesome, beautiful floral design but instead receive a life time bouquet filled with examples of faith, filled with spiritual guidance and countless testimonies of the goodness of the Lord, you have been truly blessed!

Pastor Chester and I have been friends for over twenty years and she has always exemplified what a true woman of God should be. Her quiet nature and discerning spirit over flows into the pulpit, however, that quiet nature becomes a ball of fire for the Lord.

My husband James and sons have all looked to Pastor Chester for biblical understanding and spiritual leadership. We have learned and grown so much from her knowledge.

Through her “Making it Plain” theology, she can meet you where you are in your Christian walk. I thank the Lord for that day he brought her into my life!

Kind Regards,
Regina Ellington –Believer and Friend