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Nov 10

Job 34:10-13, ” Therefore listen to me, you men of understanding: far be it from God to do wickedness, And from the almighty  to commit iniquity. For he repays man according to his work, And he makes man to find a reward according to his way. Surely God will never do wickedly, Nor will the Almighty pervert justice, Who gave him charge over the earth? Or who appointed Him over the whole world? If he should set his whole heart on it, If  he should gather to himself his spirit and his breath , All flesh would perish, And man would return to dust………………………Wow how awesome is that, “if God withdraws his life from me, what would I be? For my God has all authority, everywhere, he is not impressed , by one man’s greatness as compared to the lowliest man, ” how could he be? Because he is the giver of it all. “Excuse me! It has been reported that ” Dr. and Mrs Miles Monroe, and their associates have died in a plain crash, on yesterday, while traveling to a conference. While my heart is greatly saddend by this new’s, my heart is overjoyed for them, because when our work is true, God will truly gather us  to himself.” Job was a man of tremendous afflictions, pain and suffering, BUT GOD, repaid him for his good work in passing the test, further along in Job, verse 21, ” We see” God’s eyes are on the ways of man, and he see’s all his steps. So to sum things up, I borrow again  from verse 22, There’s “no darkness thick enough to hide wickedness from his eye’s………so continue to walk in the light of God, and forsake all appearence of darkness. Love you in Christ!

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Gracy November 10, 2014

As I read this, I’m reminded of James 4:14 which says,”Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” Because we don’t know when we’ll breathe our last breath here on earth, we should always be ready as Jesus commanded us. We can only do that by receiving Jesus into our hearts and living a holy lifestyle as 1Peter 1:16 declares. I thank God for Jesus! Be blessed in Jesus name.

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